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True professional NAWLINS woman born and raised! Having worked in the hospitality industry as an Event Planner for over 15 years, I know all the secrets our city has to offer. I like to take it e... lees meer
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Wat te doen in New Orleans

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Is a living New Orleans landmark and a living museum filled some of the rarest and most beautiful creatures of nature. 5-10 minutes away

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Best local music

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Best Po-Boy in the City Enjoy a poor boy in a nostalgic setting at Parkway Bakery & Tavern, which is located at the corner of Hagan and Toulouse overlooking Bayou St. John in Mid-City New Orleans.... lees meer

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Best of New Orleans

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All ages can enjoy:

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You can hear the pulse of great music coming to you on the coffee-scented air; enjoy walking down an ancient street where overhanging balconies spill pools of mysterious shadow!

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Local hangout with wonderful music and restaurants and outside art market on Friday and Saturdays starting at 6pm

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Can sit outside and explore many shops in the area too.

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Wonderful beers, wines with a courtyard setting

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Since they opened our doors in 2011, no other burger in New Orleans has won more awards — locally and nationwide. We're proud of using high-quality ingredients to produce the very best burgers, si... lees meer

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Live jazz entertainment, bowling and deli all under one roof:

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The High Hat Cafe is a casual neighborhood spot serving food from the Mississippi Delta and Louisiana. Catfish is the star of the menu with strong support from Smoked Roasted Chicken, Delta Tamales... lees meer

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3 blocks away

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Best Lebanese food right up the street

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Local college

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Dick & Jenny’s embodies the feel-good-funky vibe that makes New Orleans special. Our 120 years old creole cottage houses good times and great food all year round, and everyone is invited to the pa... lees meer

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As Uptown’s newest venue for the arts we live to host live music, local art exhibitions, film screenings and recording sessions. Our goals are simple. We want to highlight the local talent that su... lees meer

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Just a few blocks away, Riccobono's Panola St. Cafe has become a New Orleans fixture, known for some of the best breakfast in the city. Found right at the heart of Uptown on the corner of Panola St... lees meer

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The chef's recipes are drawn from multiple European regions and styles found in the United States. With its fresh babka, challah and chicken-salad sandwiches, the bakery feels like a New York deli.... lees meer

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In the neighborhood. Local New Orleans Flavor so eat here then go to rock and bowl next door.

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Locally owned and operated. Great source for New Orleans foods and spices

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Home of famous Jacques-imos Restaurant and Maple Leaf Bar:

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New Orleans' only Tunisian restaurant often gains customers by offering samples of crawfish, zucchini and spinach bisque. Located along a strip of charming restaurants and shops near Tulane and Loy... lees meer

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Walking distance to wonderful restaurants, shop and coffee houses


The Boot

Drank & UitgaanKroegen
$· 1039 Broadway Street·Kaart·Website·

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Tulane and Loyola University hand out

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Local 20-30 something hang out. Late night dancing on pool table, outside courtyard

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End of Street Car line close to the house

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The Arts Market New Orleans is the Arts Council’s free, open-air marketplace of artwork made by New Orleans and Gulf Coast artists. Each monthly market in Palmer Park features between 80 – 130 loca... lees meer

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The market is split up along three category lines: food, art, and flea. Besides all of the great shopping every week, the market also hosts local restaurants serving up their unique cuisine, live m... lees meer