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Kimberley is an artist and chef, Tom is a land surveyor. We have an eclectic and funky style, love to thrift, travel and have company! We enjoy being airbnb hosts and meeting guests from all aroun... lees meer

Wat te doen in New Orleans

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Amazing small plates, incredible selection of wine and cheese. Usually has live music and (sadly) a line. In the far reaches of the Bywater neighborhood but totally worth the distance and the wait.... lees meer

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This park is A - MAZE - ING! Covered with ancient live oaks, meandering bike trails, an art museum with sculpture garden. Must not miss! Try the beignets at Morning Cup - no line!

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Beautiful property. Great neighborhood.

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We feel guilty even putting this on our's a New Orleans insider secret and we'd like it to stay that way. It's not at all like a real country club, nary a golf shirt in sight! Instead it ... lees meer

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Charming little place with all outside (under tent) dining. It's not cheap but the food is pretty solid, the cocktails delicious and the place has a certain charm. There's literally a tree growing ... lees meer

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This place is super fun and claims to be the birthplace of the Poboy (the story is on the menu). Outside covered patio...a huge selection of po'boys and exceptionally good cocktails.

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No lines, outside seating in BEAUTIFUL City Park, cool uniforms (you'll see), cheaper beignets and coffee than Cafe Dumonde, and it's open 24 hours.

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Jazzfest is HERE!

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Lovely little spot - it's really a Pagoda! It's also the closest coffee spot to our home. They serve breakfast. Closed Mondays.

Aanbevolen door 168 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

We prefer Frenchman to the Quarter, as it has more local music going on all day and night and it's a younger crowd more interested in local culture than kitsch.

Aanbevolen door 82 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

It's between our spot and the French Quarter and it has a late night full if you're hungry on the way home this is a good spot to stop in.

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Crazy delicious BBQ with awesome cocktails. This diamond in the rough has a huge smoker going 24/7. Sit outside or in. It's rough and trendy. The food is absolutely stellar. It's very close to the ... lees meer

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Siberia is another dive bar with a secret. They serve Eastern European food in the back. Amazing pirogis, borscht, pickled veggies and the like. It's worth it. Trust us.

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Lilly is awesome and her food is great and reasonably priced. This is a wonderful lunch spot while shopping on Magazine st.

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It's a whole different vibe on this street. Lots of different kinds of restaurants (Vietnamese, Ethiopian etc.) Also antique stores, hat's worth a few hours to explore.

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This is our first favorite restaurant in NOLA. A bit of a haul from here, but a lovely neighborhood, al fresco dining, and the food is simply out of this world! Best hummus EVER!

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People say these are the best Snoballs in's an institution!

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Wonderful museum full of contemporary art. As of this writing there is a graffiti exhibit and on the top floor is a patio with one of the most amazing views in the city. The staff is friendly and ... lees meer

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Beautiful park in the heart of the French Quarter sided by the oldest apartments in the country, The Pontalba Buildings. A landmark spot not to miss.

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Around the corner from our house on nearby Broad St., this place doesn't look like much from the outside, but it's been family owned and operated for decades and it's a true American Steak House...... lees meer

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Do NOT eat here. Trust us. It's over-priced, they'll push the greasy buffet on you, the coffee is dreck and the service is terrible. It's close by. Don't be tempted.

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Pretty decent soul food and you can sit outside. Try their signature punch (share one). It's $10, comes in a gigantic go-cup & is enough to lay you down. Great nightly specials for cheap cheap cheap!

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This is our favorite breakfast place for one reason: It's CHEAP! If you get there before 10:30 a.m. weekdays, you can have 2 eggs, bacon, grits and pancakes or toast for $5. Drink coffee before you go

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At the mouth of Frenchman this bar is dark and seedy. That said, our friend Salvatore plays the most beautiful music there on Friday nights 8 - 10 p.m. The courtyard is great & the Korean food is too!

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Really lovely breads and pastries, and super cheap and delicious breakfasts. Coffee is weak though.

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Nice place to sit and eat a leisurely breakfast while people watching. Frenchman is a different place in the day time. Good coffee too.

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It's the closest big grocery store to our spot and well, it's Whole Foods! Pricey, but extra good quality.

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Coffee and Zombies and a sweet graveyard to stare out into while you sip. Awesome iced mochas. Also, there's a smoke shop and herbs and Day of the Dead gift schwag. What more do you need?

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It's new and it's gorgeous and we love it! Arthouse cinema, mom and pop run, comfy COMFY seats, cheap snacks and bevvies....WE LOVE THIS PLACE! Great for date night if you want something quiet and ... lees meer

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Amazing AMAZING charcuterie. Try the sister restaurant next door.