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Hello airbnb! After helping my partner host guests through airbnb at his home, I've decided to open mine as well while traveling or away from home. Some of my favorite places that I've visited in... lees meer
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The courtyard at Bacchanal is one of my favorite places on earth when the weather is nice in the evening. A wine-lover's paradise, with great charcuterie and high-end bar snacks. Often featuring ... lees meer

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Upscale and stylish American cuisine at great prices, with dining in a beautiful old dining room or on the veranda overlooking the pool. It's a great brunch place. Gay and straight friendly private... lees meer

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Part dive bar, part music venue, part world class Tapas restaurant, Mimi's is an institution. Not to be missed!

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Unfortunately the word is out here and on busy weekends and holidays, a wait is not uncommon, but totally worth it. Breakfast/brunch here is fantastic!

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When King Cake season approaches, here's where I go to get mine! They also have one of the best Breakfast/Brunch menus in town. Expect a long line on weekends, and they are not open for dinner.

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This is a NOLA foodie Paradise. The Renovated St. Roch Market functions is part grocery store/specialty market and part High-End food court. It's a testing ground for hot young local chefs and re... lees meer

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Oldest Part of the City. You simply cannot come to New Orleans and not explore these 6 by 13 blocks.

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Live Music and Stand-up comedy venue. What's REALLY not to be missed is the pop-up restaurant in the courtyard. YUM!

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Bywater's most famous music venue. Thursday nights when righteous-trumpter/bandleader Kermit Ruffins is in town, he and and his BBQ swingers play here; Thursday with Kermit as Vaughan's is a New Or... lees meer

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This is the favorite local hang-out spot of the local theatre folk and is always a good time. Get's going late at night on weekends. If you plan to sing, get there early!

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Best BBQ in Town. Period.



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$$· 2900 Chartres St·Kaart·

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Italian a la carte done RIGHT. It's a lovely place and I've had some of the best meals in town at this place and it still remains fairly accessible. Great for a date night or a celebration, I lov... lees meer

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Great local art, cosmetics, clothing and everything in between. Thurs-Sun

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Some of the greatest up and coming local and touring talent plays here. Check the line-up.

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This is one of the best kept secrets in the neighborhood. Fresh, local, sustainable, seasonal menu that changes almost daily with great vegetarian/vegan options at a VERY affordable price!

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Middle-Eastern (yes Middle-Eastern in NOLA) spot that is open late, affordable, and delivers! Fantastic seasonal specials, and a fun retro vibe with a wall of pin-ball machines, it's close proximi... lees meer

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This is another one of the best kept secrets in the neighborhood, but word is starting to get out! Fantastic Chinese food in a funky venue. Don't miss the courtyard dining when the weather is nice.

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Dive bar that also features local music. You won't find many tourists here. If you want an "authentic experience," you'll find it here.

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Check their website. You will find everything here from Shakespearean theatre, to drag bingo, to burlesque, even jock-strap lube wrestling. There's always something cool happening here!

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Technically a bar, but with some of the best burgers in town! Not for the kiddies, though. You will have to be at least 21 to get in.

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Local food co-op specializing in healthy, earth friendly groceries and healthcare products. Shop local!

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Probably my favorite Pizza joint. And they deliver!

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This is about as divey and old-school New Orleans as a seafood restaurant can possibly be—you can't be much further from the four star contemporary American dining in Uptown and the Quarter. It's s... lees meer

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If you're looking for some good, down-home local food, and LOTS OF IT, Melba's is the place for you. They have the best grits I've ever had, are open late, and a local favorite.

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Bon Appetit Magazine named it one of the 10 best new restaurants in the world for 2016. It's a hidden gem that many locals don't even know about yet. Go before the word gets out and you can't get... lees meer

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Music and Theatre Venue featuring some of the most talented up and coming local and visiting artists. Check their website for their schedule.

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Some of the best boiled seafood in town! Don't let the rough exterior put you off. This is one of the most affordable places in the neighborhood. When crawfish are in season, this is where I go ... lees meer

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Good NOLA local fare at reasonable prices. Kayla's does close early and has VERY limited seating. Most people get it to go.

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Fun place to take a dance class! Locally run by my neighbor, and also featuring some wonderful performances and movement experiences.

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