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We're a Texan and a Brit who moved here from Houston 8 years ago to go to school and of course fell in love with this unique city. Most of our travel takes us to Europe to catch up with friends and... lees meer
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Wat te doen in New Orleans

Aanbevolen door 302 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

A favorite with locals. It's expanded over the years without losing its charm. It's got a beautiful, lush garden, great live music and wonderful food and drinks. A special place to be after dark.

Aanbevolen door 259 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Free on Wednesdays! They also have events on Friday evenings. Always impressive.

Aanbevolen door 140 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Casual dining that's a little pricier but so worth it. There is a tree growing within this cozy, French gem. You won't be disappointed. Get a window seat and some moules frites.

Aanbevolen door 244 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Where the Obamas get their poboys. It's an institution. If you want a real deal poboy in an old, beloved neighborhood spot, you can't do much better than this.

Aanbevolen door 135 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Up late/early? Cafe au lait and beignets 24 hours a day! Who could ask for more? They do a cafe au lait slushy for when the weather gets warm. The cafe is in a beautiful setting.

Aanbevolen door 125 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Good coffee shop.

Aanbevolen door 119 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Want to dance on Saturday night? DJ Soul Sister brings her mix of "underground disco, rare groove, old school funk, boogie, true school hip hop, fusion jazz movers and groovers". Always a good time.

Aanbevolen door 115 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

A nice neighborhood, no frills bar and a beautiful, large back patio. Great bar food and a fun trivia on Tuesday nights.

Aanbevolen door 113 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Paella and other Spanish food. A small place with an open kitchen, popular with locals. There are a couple of tables on Esplanade - perfect when the weather's warm.

Aanbevolen door 208 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

A comprehensive look at all the theaters of WWII. Geek out.

Aanbevolen door 107 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Cute neighborhood grocery.

Aanbevolen door 115 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Fairly new coffee shop with healthy food options and a nice patio.

Aanbevolen door 102 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

A local favorite. A lovely old bar with a Vietnamese restaurant in back.

Aanbevolen door 95 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Great small music venue. A good time will be had by all. Prepare to get sweaty.

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My (Mark's) favorite bar in the neighborhood. Maybe in the city. A beautiful, old bar near the bayou. May have the best lighting of any bar I've ever frequented. Can get crowded though, specially ... lees meer

Aanbevolen door 85 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

There are people who eat here just about every day. Solid and interesting breakfasts and mimosas. Prepare to wait in line on the weekends.

Aanbevolen door 242 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

The Uptown park of choice. Personally my second favorite park in the city (behind City Park).

Aanbevolen door 84 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

UK football devotees flock here, as do plenty of expats. Another institution in the area. They do some crawfish boiling in season. A nice place to sit outside and have a guinness.

Aanbevolen door 79 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Wine store that also has wine tastings.

Aanbevolen door 78 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

A really nice, old bar that has live music just about every night of the week. Happy hour with free live music 5:30-7:30pm M-F.

Aanbevolen door 78 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

We still haven't been, but this place inspires passion.

Aanbevolen door 69 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

One of the best bars around. A neighborhood spot where they know their cocktails - and they're very affordable. They have free food too on Monday nights.

Aanbevolen door 93 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

The best fried chicken in town - says most of the city.

Aanbevolen door 60 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Best happy hour in the city for oysters. Up St. Charles at Napoleon, sit back every weekday afternoon between 4-6:30pm and slurp down 50-cent raw oysters, two-for-one frozen mojitos, half-price bot... lees meer

Aanbevolen door 59 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Really good Italian dishes and pizzas. Great cocktails and a half-price-on-pizzas-and-drinks happy hour 2-5pm daily, 7 days a week. Kinda fancy but totally easy-going and very affordable at happy hour

Aanbevolen door 61 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Another institution. Owner Leah Chase is a living legend. Creole food done right.

Aanbevolen door 55 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Cajun meat-based restaurant that has gotten a real following in the couple of years it's been in the neighborhood. Go for the meat and for the host Larry and for the manhattans with meat in the bottom

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Not gonna list them all out, b/c there are so so many shops. Clothes, furniture, books, music, nic-nacs, etc. All of em unique and independently owned. THE place in town to satisfy your shopping fix

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Lebanese food - they have a nice patio and great Lebanese iced tea. They also have a grocery store attached to the restaurant with a lot of foods you can't get anywhere else.

Aanbevolen door 46 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Pushing the boat out? This is a nice fancy restaurant, but you can also grab a cocktail and a snack from the bar if you don't want to break the bank.