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Wat te doen in San Diego

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Best Park in the US only Central Park in NYC has as much to offer

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100 year old famous American zoo.

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No frills walk up counter but gourmet foods.

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Decommissioned Air Craft Carrier is now a museum. Explore the historic US Navy's "floating city" that defended America.

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Very trendy and tasty. Long wait times so early bird gets the worm :-) The best breakfast in town if you ask me. Not open beyond brunch time. A must for those who eat "Green"

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Excellent food

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Diverse and fun crowd with top 40 pop/dance music playing while you eat during the day and evening. There is a dance floor that has a variety of evening entertainment. Each night has different venu... lees meer

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Excellent Sushi within walking distance

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Always a treat. The curator must love their job!

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Excellent Thai Food. The neighborhood favorite.

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Great Burgers and fries, and just across the street. It's a San Diego dive bar with a jukebox.

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High quality organic products within walking distance.

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Great food products at a good price within walking distance.

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The chef has created delicious and unique blends of lemonades, appetizers, salads, main courses, and desserts. You can order 'after sampling' small portions instead of large plates a variety of dis... lees meer

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Full Service Drug Store within walking distance

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Clean and Classic Greek food for a great price.

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Print, Fax, Copy, and Shipping Services within walking distance



Food SceneRestaurants
$· 3696 5th Avenue·Kaart·

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Excellent food and atmosphere

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The Tractor Room offers unique dishes of traditional American foods with a twist. You can get a blue cheese wedge salad and comfort foods such as mac and cheese along side not so common meat dishes... lees meer

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Great place for unique stuff other than hardware.


San Diego Zoo Safari Park

15500 San Pasqual Valley Rd·Kaart·Website·

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African Safari in San Diego. Take the higher priced safari for the best experience.

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I like to call this my back yard. You can walk there from my place and be on a tour within a half hour. A must see if you like architectural design and history. Learn about San Diego's beginnings