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Brick and I love living in our historic home on the border of the French Quarter and the Faubourg Marigny. Although we've lived and travelled all over the globe, we will always come back to New (W... lees meer
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Wat te doen in New Orleans

Aanbevolen door 205 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Will deliver, closest thing to NYC style pizza in New Orleans, cash only for delivery

Aanbevolen door 205 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Beautiful historic zoo

Aanbevolen door 138 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Excellent choice for breakfast or lunch, very local clientele

Aanbevolen door 259 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Located two miles away in City Park

Aanbevolen door 244 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Probably our favorite place for poor boys...a caveat : If you're craving a fried oyster poor boy, they are only available on Mondays.

Aanbevolen door 126 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

A must see if you enjoy aquariums

Aanbevolen door 113 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Paella, grilled calamari, crabmeat tropicale, roasted mushrooms, just a great little noisy packed Spanish delivery, no list, but you can bring your own for a corkage fee

Aanbevolen door 82 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Close proximity, open 24 hours, live music, smoke free back room, good menu and they will deliver

Aanbevolen door 191 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Barbecue place, nothing fancy, but really very good

Aanbevolen door 79 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Where to start describing this place ? Their menu is online and they deliver...excellent burgers and fries, huge portions, chicken parm is a favorite here, and order the creamed spinach.They deliver

Aanbevolen door 74 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Great selection of wines, free tastings on Wednesday nights, very knowledgeable and friendly staff, wines by the glass for $5...a great place to hang out in a smoke free atmosphere



Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 3162 Dauphine St·Kaart·Website·

Aanbevolen door 73 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

A recently opened spot in the Bywater. Brick had their burger, I had kale salad and a kimchi pork belly lettuce wrap, shared frites, not the usual New Orleans menu, we loved it - nice vibe.

Aanbevolen door 67 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Nice upscale watering hole with a revolving bar in the lobby of the Monteleone.

Aanbevolen door 69 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Breakfast and lunch, close walking distance, excellent food - nice bar with an excellent Pimm's Cup and great Bloody Marys. Chris loves the pancakes here.

Aanbevolen door 62 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Local coffee house, casual vibe, regular neighborhood people in here

Aanbevolen door 60 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Seafood, grilled rack of lamb, walking distance, up a rickety flight of stairs to food heaven

Aanbevolen door 52 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Great French bakery, can eat in or take out, fantastic old building, nice place for a quick breakfast

Aanbevolen door 47 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Yes, there's a real Miss Irene, she will seat you in her old school Creole Italian restaurant. There is nothing on her menu that isn't outstanding, and the bartender makes a mean sazerac !

Aanbevolen door 45 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Spicy sauce on the pizza, casual atmosphere, kind of a dive, but a nice dive...excellent burgers and the best fries in town, they will deliver

Aanbevolen door 44 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Local as it gets - can take streetcar on Canal to this place, beer in frozen mugs, excellent signature sandwich, the " Frenchuletta'...we go here often.



Food SceneRestaurants
$$$$· 301 Tchoupitoulas St·Kaart·Openingstijden·Website·

Aanbevolen door 34 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

John Besh's flagship restaurant, dress up, expensive, special occasion kind of place, worth every dime...Our whole family loves it here for a big night out

Aanbevolen door 34 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Decent sushi, great calamari tempura...full of locals

Aanbevolen door 22 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Susan Spicer is the chef here, amazing food, beautiful dining rooms, a nice walk there ... lunch is much less expensive than dinner, make reservations and enjoy this jewel

Aanbevolen door 23 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

This bakery is in a marginal area of town, so driving rather than walking is recommended...they serve breakfast for take out, but the star is the famous "buttermilk drop", kind of a fried donut hole.

Aanbevolen door 20 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Jackson Square anchor - great for lunch - poor boys and fries and real milk shakes from a real soda fountain, it's the little brother restaurant to Chef Scott Boswell's "Stella!".

Aanbevolen door 20 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Milk shakes and burgers, hangover remedies

Aanbevolen door 12 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

This is where we go when we have to have chargrilled oysters.

Aanbevolen door 9 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Old school New Orleans neighborhood bakery, no dining in, how can you go wrong in a place that's been open forever ?

Aanbevolen door 6 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

As touristy as it gets, BUT, a fun place for breakfast...get the callas & grits - callas are an old traditional street food, hard to find these days, made of rice

Aanbevolen door 15 lokale Airbnb-verhuurders:

Wigs, masks, makeup and costuming supplies, great staff