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Musician, producer, artist based in New Orleans. Love this city, especially our neighborhood. Happy to point new New Orleans visitors to all the great spots in town (there are many) so you can exp... lees meer

Wat te doen in New Orleans

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A MUST GO! Grab a bottle of wine in the front & head out back to the giant &gorgeous backyard with seating & a live jazz band 7 nights a week. Order excellent bistro food from the kitchen and dig i... lees meer

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The name says it all. Great local pizza join with nice pastas and outdoor seating! Please note, it's actually on PIETY street, in case location comes up incorrect.

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Beautiful Greek Revival. Drinks, food & swimming pool. If you want to go for full liberation, check out the clothing optional pool and sauna out back. Singing drag queen weekend brunches too! Live... lees meer

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Great lunch & brunch & coffee spot with fresh juices, salads, sanwiches, coffee and more. Locally sourced, fresh and delicious. Just downstairs from the loft!

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Great Music club on the local & visitor's favorite music strip, Frenchmen St.

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The mega-killer brunch of all ages. Heavy and southern.

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Many food vendors from fresh oysters to korean-creole offerings. Great for any meal of the day. Small grocery and local produce as well.

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Local dive bar you can hear Kermit Ruffins and others weekly.

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The local's bar hideout. Great company, great bartenders, no nonsense (don't bother ordering fancy cocktails here, grab something on the rocks or on tap. Play some pool, shuffleboard or grab a late... lees meer

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Every Monday night King James & The Special men cook red beans and play New Orleans boogie-woogie & R&B til you drop at this ultimately swampy and perfect local's dive bar. A must do.



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$$· 2900 Chartres St·Kaart·

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Fresh mediterranean style italian, all pasta made in house. Love this place. Great bar and oysters too. Tasteful & refined, but not too expensive.



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$$· 3162 Dauphine St·Kaart·Website·

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Restaurant & Bar serving accessable gastro-pub forward american fare. Good happy hour specials and beautiful courtyard to hang in the back. This is just downstairs from the loft.

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Sleep & modern coffee shop with wifi, Thai Iced teas, and a great array of snacks and munchies.

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Great music club, rock'n'roll and eclectic programming with Polish kitchen in the back.

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St. Claude Avenue is the musical haven of New Orleans. A myriad of music clubs and galleries to keep all tastes satisfied. Saturn Bar is a great eclectic dive bar & music joint.

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Coffee and snacks.

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Some of the most delicious baked items, pies, pastries I've ever had. Artful

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Another neighborhood bar where the bar tender won't take any of your shit.

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Brand new park overlooking the mighty Mississippi River & all of downtown. Take your lunch al fresco and watch steamboats and barges roll by on a breezy afternoon. You'll feel like Mark Twain.

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Great no-fuss dining with creative and small menu.

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Vinyl is alive and well at Euclid. One of the most diverse and thoughtful record shops around. They also have live music some weekends.

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This new addition will make you think you've stepped into the countryside in France. Beautiful, romantic courtyard and inside space. Hip pairing of French and Japanese cuisine, great wine selection... lees meer

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Excellent new bakery with great lunch counter offerings, coffee and more.

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The local grocery store with a great selection of international, organic and specialty items.

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Great local theater.

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This place has it all. Organic grocery, yoga, massage, gym, live performance venue, botanical/voodoo shop and even a vintage clothing boutique!

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Our local corner store where 70 year old starry eyed and sweet as they come, Mr. (Joe) Frady will get you a nice plate lunch, killer po-boy, or you can pick up smokes, drinks, toiletries, etc. Clos... lees meer

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Piety Street Art Market on the weekends. Beautiful local crafts.

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The 24/7 corner store for beer, liqour, snacks, whatever you need.

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Paul Webb can fix just about any musical instrument out there. Great music supply shop with guitars, amps, strings and all the accessories a musician can need.