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We are Vicky and Jeff. Jeff is a New Orleans native with a wealth of knowledge (so he thinks) of the City of New Orleans. Vicky is New Jersey transplant who has been in NOLA for 2 yrs.

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Most likely heard of this and its on the agenda. Beignets are awesome and the coffee is great. Very touristy but also a local favorite. Long lines are the norms on weekends but your host knows a tr... lees meer

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In the Bywater near new river park. Great local inspired food and great breakfast with cool atmosphere. A go to for breakfast in the hipster bywater area. Check out the park after and walk it back ... lees meer

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Known for its big delicious burgers. Can get busy on weekends. Get a monsoon but be careful as they are strong. Great way to start a night in the quarter or on frenchmen St.

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Legendary music club with New Orleans legends playing nightly for about $10. Shows start around 10:30 and go on till roughly 2. Make sure to check out the back patio for a break from dancing. Can g... lees meer

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Tired of New Orleans food then check this great place out for mexican food with a punk rock twist (the music and waiters). Good food and great drinks. 2 locations. Magazine St. and Canal and Carrol... lees meer


The Columns Hotel

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$$$$· 3811 St Charles Ave·Kaart·Website·

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A must stop for a drink on the beautiful porch and the amazing inside bar.

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Popular jogging, walking and biking path with stunning scenery. Go behind the zoo for the Mississippi riverfront park aka the fly for close up views of the mighty mississippi.

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Very touristy but cool place. Courtyard is beautiful and the Hurricanes are delicious and dangerous. The place is actually three bars in one. Piano bar (gets crowded but can be a fun time at night)... lees meer

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The food is decent but go for the happy hour oyster special from 4-630 daily. Seating is 1st come 1st serve in the bar area and is usually busy on weekends so go early. At Napoleon ave. Streetcar s... lees meer

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Not many know about this place but we love it. Its a bit rough around the edges and the service can be lacking but its all part of the charm. Just be a fan of garlic if you go and it gets busy on w... lees meer

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Excellent Italian food in the quarter. Get a reservation!!! A local favorite.

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Sports bar w/ Oysters (Half Price on Tues), Bar Food and hundreds of different beers.

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A local favorite and my personal favorite seafood po-boys. Old neighborhood mom and pop atmosphere and very small. Off the beaten path but worth a stop.

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The definition of a dive bar. Low ceilings, dark and and cheap beers. This place starts hoping after 12 so if you want to avoid crowds go before then. Open late and highly recommended if looking fo... lees meer

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Best lebanese food in the city and prices are reasonable and the portions are large.

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Healthy, organic eats with fresh pressed juices, etc. Outdoor seating and great coffee. Can get a crowd on weekend mornings.

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We love the Ruby Slipper and they have several locations. Great breakfast and highly recommended. Usually a wait on the weekends.

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Excellent food. Try the Krispy Kreme bread pudding.

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Our favorite in the City. Located in a cozy shotgun house a few blocks away run by James Beard award winning chef Frank Brigtsen. Pricey but worth every penny.

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Great Breakfast! Host personal favorite. Gets a bit crowded on weekends especially sundays.

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Great Food and very reasonable prices. Food comes out a bit slow but worth it.

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The owner runs the front of the house and has a big personality while the wife does all the cooking and does it well.

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Solid pastries and food. Not our favorite but decent.

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Small, romantic restaurant with authentic french food.

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Cheap Beers, Not to crowded

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Small dark, dance club with rock and metal music with skull lined walls. Not for everyone but worth a look. Music is loud and the bathrooms are behind bookcase doors.

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A bit upscale but with a college crowd at times. Interesting specials and gay nights on friday. Wonderful outdoor patio.

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Cheap beer!!! Outdoor patio. Trivia on thur at 7 sharp. Good place to hangout day or night.

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Wine, specialty craft cocktails and food.



$$· 718 S Carrollton Ave·Kaart·Openingstijden·Website·

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Drugstore open 24 hrs!!!!! Does not sell alcohol.