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Every street in the French Quarter has something to offer from classic restaurants, music venues, street entertainment, boutique shopping to voodoo temples. Some of the most popular areas include: ... lees meer

Although it upholds it's reputation for drinking and nightlife fun, Bourbon Street and the French Quarters produced some of the most iconic jazz musicians there ever was. Easily stroll down Bourbon... lees meer

Great place to people watch, eat, drink and walk during the day. At night, restaurants and Bourbon Street light it up. Word of warning. If you wait for closing time, it won't happen on Bourbon. Ro... lees meer

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It's only 3 blocks away and it's truly lovely: a quaint bayou that runs all the way down to City Park. Locals ride bikes and picnic there. You will see small boats. We have one you can borrow :)

Bayou St. John is one of the oldest veins of the city. This historic waterway was used as a major commercial thoroughfare up until the early 20th century. Today it is primarily a recreational space.

Run, walk, or picnic on the banks or standup paddle board, kayak or canoe this lovely bayou (nearby).

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Tradition, opulence and beauty can all be used to describe New Orleans' historic Garden District. With its well-preserved collection of antebellum mansions, pristine gardens and southern charm, the... lees meer

The Garden District is a dynamic community grounded in a strong sense of tradition. Some of its homes are still known by the names of the families that built them over a century ago, and official f... lees meer

Tradition, opulence and beauty can all be used to describe New Orleans' historic Garden District. With its well-preserved collection of antebellum mansions, pristine gardens and southern charm, the... lees meer

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Walk or rent a bike the neighborhood, enjoy its funky vibe. Grab a coffee or brunch then check out a local shop. Keep an eye out for an amazing bicycle!

Start off at your front door and enjoy some great architecture and neighborhood character. Lots of cafes and bars tucked in and around the 'hood. Especially fun to explore by bicycle.

This is a great neighborhood to stroll around in, though later at night, I'd suggest sticking to the busier streets like Royal and Frenchman.

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Founded in 1719, some of the homes date back to the 1840s. It's a cute area to walk through, and you can catch the ferry to Canal Street.

Take the ferry at the base of Canal St. to historic Algiers Point. The Mayberry neighborhood of New Orleans. Great way to spend an afternoon giving you a picturesque view of the city.

Take the ferry across the river (this is supposedly the deepest spot in the Mississippi) to Algiers- there is a great walking path along the river and this is bar-none the best view of New Orleans... lees meer

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This area of the city features great dining and casual bars. Easy cab ride for a simple night out.

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Convenient Uptown and Riverbend location - we are happy to recommend restaurants, shops, and music venues on Maple, Oak, and Freret Street

A view of some of the biggest and most beautiful houses in New Orleans.

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Fans of the HBO series can see a the famous faubourg of the original city.Treme is an amazing area. Ask for safety tips before you go-history/architecture/music folks must see.

Located less than 2 blocks from the French Quarter in the Treme . (Note: The map is showing us in the third block, but we are actually in the middle of the second block from the French Quarter.)

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All the fanciest houses of New Orleans are here. Self guided tours are readily available for the neighborhood. Just cross magazine street and you are there.

Schedule a walking tour or walk around yourself and check out the big beautiful houses! Check out Commander's Palace, the most historically famous restaurant in New Orleans! Across the street is a ... lees meer

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Built after Katrina for misplaced musicians.

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Decimated during hurricane Katrina & still bearing scars of that storm, a collection of green-built houses funded by Brad Pitt is a bright spot in this area.

This area was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. It is rebuilding with very beautiful and unique "green" houses built with the Brad Pitt "Make it Right" project.

Lower Ninth Ward is a neighborhood of the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. As the name implies, it is part of the Ninth Ward of New Orleans. The Lower Ninth Ward is often thought of a... lees meer

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This area flooded during Hurricane Katrina. It is still rebuilding with a variety of archetecture.