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Parken en natuur in Versilia

“If you like hiking, yoll be able to choose amazing walks along the Apuane Alps”
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“Il Celeberrimo locale di Flavio Briatore - The very famous beach club by Flavio Briatore ”
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“The “Grotta del Vento” (Cave of the Wind), located near Fornovolasco (Municipality of Vergemoli), is one of the best-known caves in the world. Inside, several paths were created to allow visitors to see the wonders of that part of nature that normally remains hidden from their eyes: stalactites, stalagmites, columns, alabaster draperies, underground rivers etc.. .”
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“vista della flora lacustre e bird watching + area archeologica resti romani”
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“Beautiful equipped beaches, gorgeous shops, great restaurants. On Wednesday morning a nice market with many, many things to buy.......”
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“Luogo fresco dove poter fare picnic o consumare cibi e bevande ai vari chioschi distribuiti al suo interno. Inoltre è possibile noleggiare bici, go kart e risciò”
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Scenic Lookout
“The Museum Villa Puccini is the very house of Giacomo Puccini. It is his refuge, the place where he lives, composes his melodies, and where he always wants to come back. Overlooking Lake Massaciuccoli”
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“percorsi a piedi e in bici immersi nella natura paths on foot and by bike surrounded by nature”
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“The natural park Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli host interesting wetlands rich of flora and fauna”
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“Il Gabbiano è il nostro stabilmento balneare, a due passi dal vostro soggiorno. Venite a trovare! ”
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“This is the only beach spot of Versilia coast, where you can lay on the beach and get tanned for free.”
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“My favourite free beach surrounded by the park of Migliarino San Rossore. Enjoy the nature!”
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“Ampio litorale dove è presente sia la spiaggia libera che stabilimenti balneari.”
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“Gli appassionati della natura vi troveranno innumerevoli qualità di fiori e piante, specialmente quella autoctone del Parco della Alpi Apuane”
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“for birdwhatchers lover and for canoying, a wide range of birds in a protected environment”
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