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Best things to do in Varna

“Also knows as Varna Sea Garden - great place for walks or jogging and amazing views of Varna Bay”
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Shopping Mall
“Shopping mall with IMAX Cinema, kinder corner, restaurants, junk foods (McDonalds, Subway, etc). You can reach it using bus line 407 ”
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Beach Bar
“An absolute staple! Day or night, doesn`t matter when you visit- just do it. It is the chillest place but also the most popular. Let me put it this way: dear extraverts, there are many awesome people here....dear introverts....there are *many* people here. ”
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Shopping Mall
“Mall Varna is one of the most popular establishments in Varna and the region, providing a variety of opportunities for leisure, shopping and entertainment suitable for every age group. The territory of Mall Varna houses nearly 150 retail stores, which offer goods of more than 300 world famous brands, as well as numerous attractions, making one’s s”
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“A great place to meet loved ones, friends and acquaintances. Service perfectly, only by young people. Extremely varied food prepared in the most delicious way. The setting is very reassuring. It is worth visiting.”
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History Museum
“Founded in 1888, the Archaeological Museum Varna is situated in a historic building designed in the Neo-Renaissance era. The Museum's arguably most celebrated exhibit is the Gold of Varna, the oldest gold treasure in the world, dating back to 4600-4200 BC. It occupies three separate exhibition halls. ”
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“Just beyond Varna’s northeastern suburbs is an astounding Orthodox cave monastery complex that is part of a protected natural area just in from the coast. These caves are man-made and have been purposely carved from the face of a 25-metre-high karst cliff. It’s one for the sure-footed, as some of the terrain can be tough! Inside the monastery you can see boasting mosaics that have survived very well, and medieval frescoes that have been partly lost. From there you can walk the short trail through the forest to get to two catacombs.”
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“Third biggest Roman ruins in Europe and, off course the biggest in Bulgaria. The therms were built in 2nd century AD and Romans enjoyed there by bathing in freezing cold water, tepid water or hot water.”
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“The Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral is the largest and most famous Bulgarian Orthodox cathedral in the Bulgarian Black Sea port city of Varna, and the second largest in Bulgaria. Officially opened on 30 August 1886. It is the residence of the bishopric of Varna and Preslav and one of the symbols of Varna.”
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“After the gift of a fox to the local Division of Parks and Forests in the early 1950, local people had started the zoo building, and a bear arrived in 1956. Today the zoo is housing 72 species of animals, of which 17 protected kinds of bids and animals, written in the Red Book of Bulgaria”
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Modern European Restaurant
“The restaurant is situated on the beach itself, and it has a very classy atmosphere. There is a traditional Bulgarian food, and fish dishes are amazing!”
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“Memorable tastes, professional chefs and refreshing sea breeze, are just a sample of all that they can serve and propose.”
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“The Archaeological Museum of Varna was established in 1887 by the brothers Karel and Herman Shkorpil (archaeologists and scientists of Czech and Bulgarian origin, founders of the Bulgarian archaeology and museum activity). The building in which it is housed was constructed in 1892 – 1898 for a school – a Girls High School. It was built in a late b”
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“Varna Summer Fest is an international culture event organized every summer in Varna from June until August. The open air summer theatre is the venue for various opera, ballet and music performances. Next to it is the popular children's amusement park”
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“Rappongi is one of the local hot spots. With a nice restaurant overlooking the Black Sea, down to it's VIP beach area with Palm Trees and nightly entertainment in the summer.”
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“You can grocery shop there, drop off your laundry, exchange money, bank services, kids store, book store, pharmacy, wine store, Italian Restaurant, gift store, health store (herbs, nuts...etc), fitness, hairdresser, cafe! All in one place!”
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