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Supermarkten in Tokio

Discount Store
“There is a supermarket floor on B1F. It opens 24/7, and probably the cheapest around this area.”
  • Door 97 locals aangeraden
Discount Store
“Discount shop. petit price cosmetic, matcha flavor snacks, clothes, groceries, everything you can find at here. Good to buy souvenir.”
  • Door 68 locals aangeraden
“Grocery store opened 24 hours. They have lunch box food like at the convenience stores except a little cheaper. A good variety of Japanese candy and snacks like Kitkats, Pocky and Calbee chips. ”
  • Door 21 locals aangeraden
Discount Store
“They practise a special kind of retail chaos at "Don Quijote", an odds-and-sods shop on Roppongi's main drag that stays open 24 hours a day, year round. The floors are crammed with a bewildering selection of products – from groceries and liquor to brand goods, fancy dress and sex toys – most of them squeezed into disorderly, narrow aisles that are unlikely to appeal to the more claustrophobic shopper.”
  • Door 33 locals aangeraden
  • Door 1 locals aangeraden
“24 hours open grocery store ( supermarket). It's right across the street, 1 min from my room. You can obtain all the essentials here.””
  • Door 27 locals aangeraden
“Mitoku supermarket. It is a supermarket a 5-minute walk from the room. Ideal for shopping for food and living supplies. [Open 9: 30-0: 00]”
  • Door 14 locals aangeraden
“Huge grocery store that has almost everything. Opens quite early and closes quite late. Highly recommended!”
  • Door 25 locals aangeraden
“Super market "Summit Store" If you need to buy food and groceries, here is where you gotta go! Open from 9:00AM-11PM. ”
  • Door 12 locals aangeraden
  • Door 14 locals aangeraden
Italiaans restaurant
“Italian Restaurant 〒101-0031 東京都千代田区東神田3丁目4−12、G&AビルB1・1・2F 11:30-21:30 Sunday and Public Holiday is closed.”
  • Door 2 locals aangeraden
“the faumous groceries store until 11pm. And there is 24 hour Supermarket in the buildding.”
  • Door 14 locals aangeraden
  • Door 5 locals aangeraden
Shoe Repair
“Open from 9:30 am to 1 am, you can find a lot of fresh food and all kinds of daily necessities there.”
  • Door 13 locals aangeraden
Grocery Store
“Supermaket- Fruit & Vegetable and Food & Beverage Open: 09:00am~23:00pm Yoyogi 1-39-11 Shibuya Ku.”
  • Door 15 locals aangeraden
“Popular with area housewives, daily discounts can be had. Sometimes has imported food items”
  • Door 9 locals aangeraden