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Autohuur en reparatie in Okinawa

“Im not sure why this photo is there as it has nothing to do with the aquarium but this place is fantastic for anyone interested in the sea. Also many free things to see like the dolphin shows, turtle, dugon and a few fish tanks. Park is big and 2 lovely parks for children to play at. The netted park is particularly fun but be warned that it is closed on rainy days. ”
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“ Shurijo Castle served as the proud and dignified center of Ryukyu Kingdom and its politics, foreign affairs and culture. With architectural influences from both China and Japan, the Castle shows its exceptional cultural and historical values in its unique stonework and architectural design. Thus, Shurijo was designated as a World Heritage Site in December of 2000, the 11th World Heritage Site within Japan. It takes 10 minutes by car from hotel.”
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Shopping Mall
“The greatest resort mall in Okinawa. There is a huge water tank inside the mall making it much like an aquarium, And is overflowing with the feeling of a resort. Street address 4 blocks within the area land readjustment project area in Kitanakagusuku-mura, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture 901-2300 TEL 098-930-0425 Reception hours: 10am-10pm Hours Please check from the official site.”
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Shopping Mall
“A large seaside resort town in Mihama, Chatan town, marked by a large ferris wheel. There are 13 commercial facilities with an American atmosphere on the vast site of about 5 Tokyo Domes. There is a free parking lot that can accommodate 1,500 cars at the entrance of the area, and you can take a walk through the facility slowly. It gets even more lively at night and the illumination of the Ferris wheel will shine. Hours Please check from the official site.”
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Theme Park
“ 水牛がいたり、琉装で記念撮影が出来ます。 Commemorative photographing can be done with buffalo or Ryukai.”
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Scenic Lookout
“Manzamo, located on the west coast of Okinawa Island, is a scenic spot famous for its breathtaking view from the top of a precipitous cliff about 20 meters high. Referred to as the “Elephant’s Nose,” it is a broad, flat land of raised coral reef covered with natural green grasses. Located in Okinawa Kaigan QuasiNational Park, this expanse of lush vegetation is designated as a Natural Monument of Okinawa Prefecture.”
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“This shop is a mass merchandise store. It takes 15-minute walk from hotel. ”
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Shopping Mall
“15 min drive from home. Nice outlet shopping mall. Nice cafe, restaurants too”
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“Nakijin castle ruins are the historical remnats of Okinawan fortress and designated as a world heritage site.”
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Duty-free Shop
“-T Galleria by DFS A duty free shop directly connected to Okinawa Yui Rail's Omoromachi Station. There are about 130 world famous brands available here. Besides brand items, you can also find a wide variety of souvenir shops and delicious restaurants as well! ”
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“You can have stroll down this beach after a visit to the Shinto Shrine. It is a clean beach where you can do snorkeling or just sit by the beach and enjoy the view. Recommended if you want to have a peaceful quiet day at beach. 這個海灘位於波上宮附近,可以直接由國際通前往,步程約15分鐘。環境優美,比鄰還有觀望台和行山徑,是一個很好的休息地方。 ”
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Shopping Mall
“ The "Senagajima Umikajiterasu", is a commercial facility to expand the slopes adjacent to the Senagajima west coast of about 15 minutes by car from Naha Airport. Okinawa unique fruits and vegetables, gourmet Suites shop with a focus on local production menu, jewelery and craft shops of Made in OKINAWA fused with a great location, is a new tourist and shopping spot of Okinawa. It takes 30 minutes by car from hotel. ”
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Street Food Gathering
“Opened on Kokusai Dori in June 2015. There are 20 stalls at which you can enjoy a variety of local and original dishes made with Okinawan ingredients. The nearby Rito Marushe sells souvenirs mainly from the isolated islands of Okinawa, and also has a coffee shop. At the stage, you can enjoy various performances such as shimauta, or traditional Okinawan songs and eisa dances. ”
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Amusement Park
“一日楽しめる観光スポット。沖縄の様々な文化体験ができます。 A sightseeing spot you can enjoy all day. You can experience various cultures of Okinawa.”
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“A famous steak house in Okinawa. Loved by the local people as well as the tourists. Open from 11am to 1:30 am. ”
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Art Museum
“沖縄の歴史も学べる美術館・博物館です。 It is a museum and museum where you can also learn the history of Okinawa. ”
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