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Vervoersmogelijkheden in Ljubljana

“Ljubljana Castle, standing on a hill above the city for about 900 years, is Ljubljana's main attraction.”
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“When you need a little time of and just be in the nature. You are there in 10 min.”
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Shopping Mall
“BTC City Ljubljana is one of the largest business, shopping, entertainment, recreation and cultural centers in Europe. There are over 450 shops selling more than 10.000 brands.”
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“Pleasantly cold over the summer. Relax and enjoy the green zoo in close touch with animals.”
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Art Gallery
“Wonderful ambient, recently renovated gallery with some really nice paintings - especially from impressionism. it must be seen!”
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“It is part of the old town's pedestrian zone and a major meeting point, where festivals, Ljubljana carnival, concerts, sports, political, and protest events take place. ”
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Art Gallery
“Metelkova mesto, an alternative culture centre that developed from a squat in a former army barracks and became one of the best known attractions of Ljubljana, brings together a variety of different artistic practices and events. It is home to a large number of clubs hosting a regular programme of concerts, club nights, and one-off club events featuring underground artists and DJs from around the world. The centre also hosts art performances, exhibitions, and an occasional festival. Running a vibrant daily programme of events, it draws together people on any night of the week. The crowd is mixed, including anyone from students and underground music fans to visitors to Ljubljana and professio”
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“The Dragon Bridge is a road bridge that crosses the Ljubljanica River. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century when Ljubljana was part of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.”
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Eastern European Restaurant
“This is a restaurant of national Slovenian cuisine. Here you can taste real old food. But, be careful, these are very large portions and very calorie dishes! This place is very touristy, always in the evening a lot of people. It is not my favorite. But if you want to try something interesting and dive back into history - you should definitely look here!”
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“This club offers a selection of dance hits, r & b, hip hop, house, electronic music, pop and rock music. They regularly host high-profile VIP, fashion, music, film and media events, Here zou can also meet some of the most popular Slovenian DJs and other artists.”
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Bus Station
“The Ljubljana main bus station offers everything you need when you wanna get around, as you can find bus and train connections with all of Slovenia, as well as all of Europe. There you can also rent a car and enjoy the hidden spots of Slovenia yourself.”
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Street Food Gathering
“Open on Fridays (by nice weather) on the central market, Open Kitchen has stalls with all kinds of food provided by Ljubljana restaurants, bistros etc. Lively atmosphere and a great opportunity to see what the food offers of Ljubljana in one place. Open until late in the evening ”
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History Museum
“In the city center by the Parliament you will find our National Museum, worth a visit. The National Museum of Slovenia displays the earliest musical instrument in the world, a 60,000-year-old Neanderthal flute, dugout canoe from the Ljubljana marsh, Egyptian mummy, the oldest gold artefacts in Slovenia and many other interesting objects. Beside they organise a lot of exhibitions and events, taht attract visitors from all around Slovenia and many turists.”
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Art Gallery
“Museum of Modern Art has a nice permanent collection of Slovenian art of 20th century and also a guest exhibition every 3 months. They also have a nice coffee place in the basement of the gallery. ”
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“Isn’t it aimzang waht the hmaun mnid is cbapale of seineg? To experience just how much your eyes and brain can be deceived, go check out the fascinating and informative Museum of Illusions. Best enjoyed by groups so you can see each other be transformed, take the family, friends or colleagues for a fun-packed hour or two exploring the museum’s three floors of optical illusions and mind-bending installations. There’s also a games room where you can try your hand at one of their mind-bending puzzles which the museum also sells, so perhaps that’s your gift shopping sorted, too. A word of warning. Consider avoiding the vortex tunnel if you’ve just had lunch or a few drinks.”
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“Lovely area for having a breakfast in the morning or dinner at the evening.”
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