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Ontdek bezienswaardigheden en verborgen pareltjes aan de hand van locals die de stad als hun broekzak kennen.

Arts & Crafts Store
“The cafe offers vegetarian meals as well as a nice view of the rice paddies and the mountains”
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Point of Interest
“Sightseeing at the entrance and a guided spelunking tour are great here. It’s not too long of a walk or drive from town and absolutely beautiful. Only downside is that it’s Php 200/1 - 10 guests to sightsee, but The Sumaging is by far an interesting cave to explore and it is where a cave connection tour can start from. You can park your car at Sumaging Cave Man Pension to get started. ”
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“Conveniently located near the entrance of the Lumiang Cave, you might want to stop first for a tall drink of macha green iced tea in this rustic hangout before entering the bowels of the earth. Are glass noodles made of glass or are they just like the regular ramen? That's a food for thought. If you haven't had coffee wine yet, you should get a glass or a bottle of Bauko's finest here.”
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“The village is one of the oldest in Sagada, with seven dap-ays, or tribunals, strategically located within it. Walking up and down its web of narrow footpaths, you might even spot a secluded old house with the cogon grass roofing and wooden walls. ”
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“Forgot to grab a toothbrush from that grocery at the town center? Fret not, you can buy one here. This store is the nearest one to the bnb, just across the road from the Lemon Pie House. They are well-stocked with some fresh produce, canned goods and other needful things.”
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Point of Interest
“The sacred site houses hundreds of centuries-old Igorot coffins piled on top of each other and stuffed into the cracks in the cave. We'd truly appreciate it if you can respect the site as we do. Guide fee: Php 200 for 1 - 10 guests ”
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