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Best things to do in Zwarte Woud

“iconic museum in Colmar with the Retable d'isseheim from Mathias​ Grunenwald. And also a lot of great French painters.”
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“Mercedes Benz/ Daimler belongs to Suttgart like nothing else. Half of the city works there and the museum is a nice exhibition of the produced cars and the history. The architecture of the building itself is also very nice.”
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Art Museum
“Fondation Beyeler, famous Art Collection in a beautiful building. Directly connected with Tram No. 6.”
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History Museum
“Composed of over 70 authentic buildings, the Alsace Ecomuseum is the largest museum open living in France, covering 100 hectares of village, fields and forest.”
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“Eine Zeitreise in die Porsche Historie. | A journey through time in Porsche history”
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Science Museum
“Opened in 1996, the Zeppelin Museum is located in Friedrichshafen, Baden-Württemberg. It is housed in the former port station right on Lake Constance. It sees itself as a house where living history is told in a multimedia way.”
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“Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain. Modern Art Museum. Ne ratez pas l'immense tableau de Gustave Doré. Don't miss the huge painting from Gustave Doré.”
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“For culture fans, an interesting museum about the way of living in Alsace in the last centuries.”
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Art Museum
“Fancy museum from THE chairs manufacturer of the world. Great architecture!”
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History Museum
“The Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen is an open-air archaeological museum located on Lake of Constance with an adjoining museum building in the municipality of Uhldingen-Mühlhofen. The archaeological finds and replicas of pile villages from the Stone and Bronze Age.”
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“Consacré aux jouets et aux jeux du XIXè siècle à nos jours. Magique pour petits et grands.”
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“The Cité de l'Automobile - National Museum of Schlumpf, with an exhibition area of ​​25,000 m², of which 17,000 in a single giant hall, is the world 's largest automobile museum. Rolls-Royce, Mercedes and Bugattii, the most prestigious car in the world ... all brands of rank are represented here. bb”
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History Museum
“Auguste Bartholdi, auteur de la célèbre statue de la Liberté éclairant le monde.”
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Art Museum
“Pictures of works of international contemporary art and classical modernism”
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Art Museum
“Museum, cinema and everything related to culture and art. One of a kind in the world.”
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“tres amusant et trop beau batiment Too funny and such a nice old bulding Sehr amusante und ein shon Haus”
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