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Top recommendations from locals

“Great aquarium and zoo. Perfect place for kids and parents, or just people who are interested in life in the sea. ”
  • Door 121 locals aangeraden
Scandinavian Restaurant
“Pub and reastaurant - typical Norwegian food and drinks. The popcorn with butter is great as a bar snack if you’re only having drinks! One of the few places where you can get food until 12:30pm on the weekends, besides from burgers and kebabs. ”
  • Door 102 locals aangeraden
“Beautiful historic place / Edward Grieg. Park and buildings Take the light rail to Hop station and walk from there”
  • Door 76 locals aangeraden
Movie Theater
“Main Cinema in Bergen. Good selection of movies. For more information see”
  • Door 23 locals aangeraden
“If you want to get out of the center, this place and the neighbouring branch Bien Snack bar is very charming. Check out the menu before you set off, though. It is a bit of a walk back if you change your mind. Luckily it sits right by a light rail stop, though. They just opened a pizza place in the city center too that is worth a visit! ”
  • Door 73 locals aangeraden
“This bar has the best drinks in town and has won several prices for theyr bartenders! My favorite: bitter-salty-sweet! ”
  • Door 67 locals aangeraden
History Museum
“Nice place just outside the city center. you can bring old bread to feed the birds”
  • Door 53 locals aangeraden
Art Gallery
“All of the main museums for contemporary and classic arts in Bergen are situated along or next to Rasmus Meyers Allé, next to the Lille Lunggårdsvann lake in the middle of town. Check out for program and updates. ”
  • Door 33 locals aangeraden
Science Museum
“Technology and wonder for children. Perfect for a long morning on a rainy day.”
  • Door 53 locals aangeraden
“Great place for dinner. Local cusine, short travelled food in a great atmosphere. ”
  • Door 46 locals aangeraden
History Museum
“The Fortress beginning as King Øystein’s estate on Holmen, which then was made into a fortress and became the residency of the feudal overlord in 1514, and the further development until the present Bergenhus Fortress. The main emphasis is on King Håkon’s estate, the wars with Sweden over control in Scandinavia, Eske Bille and the building of Bergenhus Fortress. The exhibition also shows: * The battle in Bergen harbour in 1665 and the action near Alvøen in 1808. * The IR9 effort in 1940. * The explosion at Festningskaien in 1944 and the rebuilding of Håkon’s Hall and the Rosenkrantz tower. The exhibition was earlier on display in the Rosenkrantz tower and was reopened on 24 October 2007.”
  • Door 37 locals aangeraden
Soup Place
“Perfect place for brunch or lunch. I like the ¨happy meal¨- half sandwich, half soup.”
  • Door 41 locals aangeraden
“Great place for a coffee or tea, and some Norwegian style waffles with jam or brown cheese! Very special decorations. ”
  • Door 40 locals aangeraden
“Local pub with very good traditional food. Situated in an old public bathhouse”
  • Door 51 locals aangeraden
“Lots of work from various artists. This area has several museums. Kode4 and Begen Kunstmuseum.”
  • Door 23 locals aangeraden
Art Gallery
“All the KODE are worth a visit. Art collections. Buy ticket for all the KODE filials. They contain different periods, artists, exhibitions and collections. Also for kids. ”
  • Door 23 locals aangeraden