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Best things to do in Lissabon

Monument / Landmark
“Belém Tower was first built to defend Lisbon. Years later, it was transformed into a lighthouse and customs center.”
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Cultural Center
“Beautiful architecture's building. Open 7 days per week, you can always find art exhibitions and from time to time many concerts and play. The tickets are not very pricey. If you arrive half and hour before the show, sometimes you can get a 50% off sale:) There is a terrace facing the river, and a great restaurant at the 4th floor. In short, it's a beautiful place and amazing to spend a afternoon or an evening there. ”
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“The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology is a contemporary art museum in Lisbon, Portugal that crosses three areas in a space of debate, discovery, critical thinking and international dialogue.”
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History Museum
“Lisbon's National Coach Museum features one of the most prominent horse-drawn carriage collections in the world. Extremely surprising and worthwhile.”
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Art Museum
“World class museum of modern art. With five current exhibitions to view (two permanents and three temporaries), Museu Coleção Berardo is a museological space of reference in Lisbon, where the visitor can enjoy the best of modern and contemporary art. Hosting the Berardo Collection, the Museum presents the most significant artistic movements from the twentieth century to the present day. In this Museum, it is possible to find works by artists from the most diverse cultural contexts and with the most varied forms of expression, all of whom would come to make up the art history of the last century. Names such as Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Piet Mondrian, Joan Miró, Max Ernst, Vieira da Silva, Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol, Donald Judd and Bruce Nauman, among many others, are presented within the framework of the artistic movements which their works allowed to define through a chronological succession that enables the spectator to take a trip through the period in question. ”
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Science Museum
“Maritime Museum - The story of Portugal's pioneering role in world exploration at the sea. (Closed Mondays)”
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“Daily sessions to get to know all about the sky, the stars and the constellations”
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“Beutiful and new museum in Lisbon dedicated to Art, arquitecture and tecnology. Great experience, 100% recommended”
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Italiaans restaurant
“Great High end atmosphere Great to view the sunset and grab a cocktail on the rooftop. Enjoy the Mediterranean dishes with live music and a good bottle of wine. ”
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Medical Lab
“It's actually a famous and functional hospital and one of the most amazing structures in the city. You can go into the decorative garden, have some cafe, enjoy the view, just don’t take photos into the patient areas. ”
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Art Museum
“Cerâmicas, alfaias agrícolas, trajes, instrumentos musicais, joalharia expoêm a diversidade das diferentes regiões de Portugal. Popular Art Museu: it exposes the diversity of Portugal regions.”
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Cultural Center
“The Belem Cultural Centre is a massive complex that hosts touring operas, ballets, art displays and is the permanent home of the excellent Berardo Museum . This museum is regarded as "The Berardo Museum" is one of Lisbon's best free tourist activities and often the sole reason why visitors enter the CCB”
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“This is the Palace of president, with a presidential museum filled with artifacts exchange in diplomatic visits, paintings from all the country's Presidents, and other items related with the republic. It's a good place to bring your children for some history adventure. There is also a lovely garden in it, not so big, but stylish and well maintained. ”
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“Beautiful and fancy restaurant, located at the riverfront, within a short distance from Belém tower and Padrão dos Descobrimentos, two of the city's major attractions.”
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Monument / Landmark
“Torre de Belem as it is a symbol of the portuguese conquests of the seas. It was built in the XV century as a defense post.”
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History Museum
“Founded in 1893, the former "Portuguese Ethnographic Museum" was installed in the former dormitory of the Jerónimos Monastery in 1903. It presents Portugal's rich archaeological heritage, with a valuable collection of jewelery, ceramics, sculpture and mosaics, mainly from Roman times. Many of the pieces are the result of archaeological excavations carried out between 1930 and 1960, but also of various donations, including by the Portuguese royal family. It also has pieces from ancient Egypt, but the main collection consists of artifacts from Portugal's prehistoric, Roman and medieval periods. It tells the thousands-old story of the people who inhabited the current Portuguese territory.”
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