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De beste dingen om te doen in Athene

Ontdek de stad zoals de locals deze zien. Vind de leukste dingen om te doen en plekken om te eten, en krijg waardevol advies van de mensen die hier wonen.

Point of Interest
“The ancient Roman Market is a must-see place surrounded by nice coffee shops and restaurants.”
Door 30 locals aangeraden
“Terrace all day bar with excellent view of the acropolis. 1” from our studios.”
Door 51 locals aangeraden
Point of Interest
“Map of temple of hephaestus DescriptionThe Temple of Hephaestus or Hephaisteion or earlier as the Theseion, is a well-preserved Greek temple; it remains standing largely as built. It is a Doric peripteral temple, and is located at the north-west side of the Agora of Athens, on top of the Agoraios Kolonos hill.”
Door 37 locals aangeraden
“Beautiful spot, one of the best views in Athens with Acropolis just a reach away. Good cocktails, and food. ”
Door 43 locals aangeraden
“Nestled into the historical neighborhood of Plaka, Anafiotika is easy to miss, but arguably the most photogenic part of Athens. The buildings here are crafted in the traditional Cycladic style, as they were originally the homes of workers who had come to Athens from the island of Anafi to assist in the construction of King Othon's Palace. Anafiotika is beautifully reminiscent of the Greek islands, and a wonderful place to sit for a coffee or drink. ”
Door 88 locals aangeraden
“Only 13 min (1.1 km) buy foot. Pedion Areos is a large park . You can run walk or have a pik nik in a real beautiful place . A green oasis in the athens hurt”
Door 62 locals aangeraden
“Benaki Museum's newest building, devoted to contemporary art, with many notable seasonal exhibitions.”
Door 45 locals aangeraden
Capitol Building
“Every Sunday at 11:00, tourists gather in front of the Parliament building on Syntagma Square (Plateia Syntagmatos) to watch the ceremonial changing of the guard in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The guards (Evzones) wear their traditional white kilts, red and black caps and red clogs with pompoms only that day or on special occasions. On every other day, the Evzones wear regular khaki uniforms with skirts and the changing of the guard takes place every hour on the hour, 24 hours a day. The guards are tall and well-trained soldiers. They belong to the "Proedriki Froura", the guards of the President of Democracy. It is a high honor for every Greek soldier to be chosen as an Evzone. ”
Door 69 locals aangeraden
Kebab Restaurant
“Thanasis kebab is a traditional grill/restaurant where you can find the best souvlaki in Athens.”
Door 47 locals aangeraden
“All day cafe with good savory and sweet pies. It is a very cozy place, a meeting point for locals in Plaka, the old town of Athens.”
Door 53 locals aangeraden
Vegetarisch/veganistisch restaurant
“One of the ‘original’ all-vegetarian spots in the city, still popular, great selection, casual dining - open for lunch & dinner.”
Door 59 locals aangeraden
“The Zappeion Mansion, or simply Zappeion, is one of the most important buildings in Athens. It is located south of the National Garden and the old Palace and West of the Panathenaic Stadium. Today it operates as a conference and exhibition center.In the garden works a great all day coffee - restaurant, the famous AIGLEE.”
Door 21 locals aangeraden
Monument / Landmark
“Located next to the National Gardens, the Zappeion Mansion, or simply, ‘Zappeion’, as it is called by the locals, is one of the most impressive and important historical buildings in Athens. As early as 1859, the Greek government had been contemplating renovating the structure, using plans drawn up by Theophile Hansen and his French counterpart Boulanger. Although well funded by Evangelos Zappas, the project never quite got off the ground. Eventually, Hansen became involved and the project was finally approved. Its official inauguration took place in 1888. Ever since, the Zappeion has become a symbol of modern Athens. It has been home to a variety of functions, including exhibitions, official ceremonies, parts of the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, and Hellenic Radio in 1936. Today it serves as a press centre for political parties during elections.”
Door 32 locals aangeraden
“A summertime favourite in the Gazi district - beautiful ‘garden’ in a multi-purpose venue, serving a range of drinks and cocktails with a cool grown-up vibe.”
Door 49 locals aangeraden
Movie Theater
“Enjoying a movie in one of the many outdoor movie theaters while a relieving cool breeze is blowing is one of the major, typical summer evening pleasures for an Athenian and can be a unique experience for a visitor of Athens. None of these open air cinemas provides as majestic a view as Cine Thisio. It is the oldest outdoor movie theater in Athens and -according to CNN Travel- the best of the top 10 most enjoyable movie theaters of the world with a splendid night view of Acropolis, and especially the Parthenon.”
Door 71 locals aangeraden
Art Gallery
“At Monastiraki, combines contemporary art with drinks in a lovely courtyard garden, with awnings creating a roof in winter. Tumbledown 19th-century outbuildings host exhibitions of painting, sculpture and photography, while the central courtyard is one of the city's coolest bars, with chill-out music and subtle lighting.”
Door 51 locals aangeraden