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De beste dingen om te doen in Agadir

Ontdek de stad zoals de locals deze zien. Vind de leukste dingen om te doen en plekken om te eten, en krijg waardevol advies van de mensen die hier wonen.

“This is a huge market where you find pretty much everything from food to clothings to second hand items . *** Closes on Mondays and major Eids only *****”
Door 41 locals aangeraden
“Great for people watching, boats and daydreams, and you can book fishing trips or daytrips at the restaurant on the far side of the Marina. ”
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“english pub is very famous in town a mix between a bar and night club. karaoke for the visitor who wants to sing in public”
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Department Store
“This is the main supermarket in Agadir for stocking up on pretty much every thing. There are also a few shops around it for other items / hardware / Furniture .... etc”
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“This is the top of a mountain where the old Agadir used to be. For now, there is only ruins of the old city after the earthquake that happened in the 80s. You can see all Agadir city from this point.”
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“Learn about the rich heritage of Amazigh (Berber) heritage here. Exhibitions are always changing and there is a fee to enter. It's a nice stop-over as you walk towards the beach. 10-15minutes walk away from the apartment.”
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Door 9 locals aangeraden
“A large open-air living museum that combines architecture, history, and ethnology, La Medina d’Agadir is a grand reconstruction of the city’s old medina. Developed on private land by a Moroccan-Italian, it offers a wonderful peek into the Agadir of old. Craftspeople make traditional items in workshops throughout the glorious medina, and there are shops, restaurants, and cafes to make the scene even more realistic. Almost like a city within a city, La Medina d’Agadir is one of the most popular attractions in Agadir.”
Door 10 locals aangeraden
Zoo Exhibit
“A free attraction, a small town zoo. Runs between the beach and Blvd. Mohammed V, a pleasant way to break up the walk up to town. ”
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“This is a restaurant, cafe and bakery. Really nice all round. Food is delicious, not a huge fan of their breakfasts, but there's such a variety to choose from, that it's still worth a trip to find the one that is just right for you! Really busy, whatever time of day you go, but surprisingly there's always a table available. Quite middle class from the looks of the Moroccans who frequent this place, but is a very popular place with toursits too. Prices are in the middle range I would say. Approximately 15mins walk from the apartment. Great traditional Moroccan sweets sold in their bakery too! I always buy a box to take home in my luggage before leaving Agadir.”
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“La grande plage d Agadir de plus de 4km avec la colline Agadir Oufla vous émerveillera. Aller du coté de l hotel sofitel pour profiter de la plage en toute tranquilité”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Aswak salam talborjt, en bas de la rue (et non comme indiqué sur la carte). Épiciers, produits divers, fruits et légumes, grillages juste en bas de la maison. Terrasses de café à la sortie du supermarché”
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“This is the station for buses that travel between cities. It is located within minutes of our apartment. ”
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“Best restaurant in Agadir in my opinion PURE PASSION. A smart restaurant but very relaxed, exquisite food well presented. A good deal is the lunchtime special offer which is 160 dhs for three courses from a special menu. Al a carte two courses with wine, maybe 250/300 dhs each.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Best place to shop in Agadir for groceries, wine and stuff. They really have eveything.”
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