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Aanbevelingen van locals voor de beste restaurants

“A historic pizzeria where you can taste the classic Roman pizza, very thin and crunchy, as tradition dictates. Try it in the classic versions, from the “margherita” to the “4 cheeses”, up to the richer ones, with mushrooms, artichokes and egg, with seasonal vegetables or with broccoli and sausage. And as an appetizer, bruschetta is a must.”
  • Door 85 locals aangeraden
“Drink something at Bar del fico is a must. Bartender's choice is great, nice vibes. Take your drink and go out in the crowd with the locals”
  • Door 82 locals aangeraden
“One of the best Pizza in Rome! Very wide choice of Pizzas! There is always a queue so get there early (19:00/19:30)!!”
  • Door 83 locals aangeraden
“open till late at night , ideal for big group of persons. It is where local people are going to eat a super good pizza .”
  • Door 95 locals aangeraden
Gourmet Shop
“Do you like a very thin red slight pizza? Yes, this is the best place for your unconventional lunch time. Yes, you will find more and more experience for your food Italian taste”
  • Door 80 locals aangeraden
“At the end of the Republican Age, when Rome had become the capital of a vast empire stretching from Gaul to Asia Minor, the old Roman Forum proved to be too cramped to efficiently serve as the city’s ”
  • Door 89 locals aangeraden
Art Museum
“Designed by Donato Bramante (a rival of Michelangelo) the chiostro or cloister was once the centre of a Renaissance monastery. After careful restoration, this elegant complex is now used for some of the city’s best and most popular exhibitions.”
  • Door 62 locals aangeraden
“Born as a library in the beautiful Piazza di Pietra, in front of the beautiful temple of Hadrian. Today one of the most renowned cocktail bars in Rome where you can enjoy a unique atmosphere.”
  • Door 46 locals aangeraden
“a fascinating island in the center of Rome and the Tiber river, where summer, in the evening there are fantastic clubs and restaurants.”
  • Door 53 locals aangeraden
“Do you wanna try the best pizza with the best price and staff in Rome? This is your italian restaurant!”
  • Door 56 locals aangeraden
Roman Restaurant
“Fabulous restaurant because the quality and taste are great. There is a long line before it opened and a long line after. Be patient!”
  • Door 65 locals aangeraden
Ice Cream Shop
“We sugget you to go to “Giolitti”, just behind home, where you can try a very good gelato and pastries.”
  • Door 55 locals aangeraden
“Modern healthy bar. Organic food: sandwiches, salads, juices. Nice dehors! Prices: 25,00/35,00€ ”
  • Door 38 locals aangeraden
Italiaans restaurant
“They cook fresh and seasonal products typical of Rome. Always busy and lively with both locals and tourists.”
  • Door 69 locals aangeraden
“The best beer in Trastevere without any doubts. They have 19 pints everyday and, if you find that place closed during the day, there's a little shop that sell the same beer of them open 9AM-2AM. Are you wondering where is that shop? Just in front of the first one and are the same owners.”
  • Door 59 locals aangeraden
“International nightclub with 3 different rooms: hip hop, Electronic, and top 40. Something for everyone!”
  • Door 23 locals aangeraden