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Semi-Detached with 3 bedrooms on 80 m² in Brusvily
Semi-Detached with 3 bedrooms on 80 m² in Brusvily
6 gasten
3 slaapkamers
4 bedden
1 badkamer
6 gasten
3 slaapkamers
4 bedden
1 badkamer
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Semi-Detached 80 m², 3 slaapkamers, 2 badkamers, voor 6 personen in Brusvily

De ruimte

Een ideaal vakantiehuis om de Côte d´Emeraude, Saint-Malo en de Mont-Saint-Michel te beleven. Alleen Engelse tv zenders.

Huisdieren toegestaan
Gratis Parkeergelegenheid
Slaapkamer 1
1 tweepersoonsbed
Slaapkamer 2
1 tweepersoonsbed
Slaapkamer 3
2 eenpersoonsbedden
De inchecktijd is tussen 16:00 en 20:00
Uitchecken voor 10:00

Mandatory costs (paid on arrival):
Electricity and heating excl.

Mandatory costs (paid on arrival):
- Final cleaning: 10 EUR per person (minimum 50 EUR)

Optional costs:
- Bedlinen incl. towel: 12 EUR per person

Children under 4 years (free): 1

Animals are acceptable. Guests may bring up to 1 pet(s).


By making a booking, you are entering into an agreement between you as the tenant and
the owner of the holiday home (“homeowner”). When the agreement concerns the rental
of a stationary houseboat, these booking conditions will apply together with the special
conditions stated to be applicable to houseboats. NOVASOL acts as the intermediary of
the homeowner and shall only be liable as such. Where reference is made in these booking
conditions to NOVASOL taking an action, that action is taken on behalf of the homeowner.
The booking of holiday homes shall always be subject to these booking conditions, which,
together with “Worth Knowing”? and the rental voucher, form the rental agreement between
you and the homeowner. Travel agents, websites and other booking agents cannot enter
into agreements which differ from NOVASOL’s booking conditions or the information in the
relevant catalogue or on the internet. The tenant shall acquaint themselves with regard to
any services set out in NOVASOL’s booking conditions or on the internet through “My booking”.
Any amendments to the rental agreement shall only be valid if they appear in writing. If
you choose to buy any additional services or products from the homeowner, or should you
be provided with any additional services or products not included in the rental agreement,
such as tickets to a waterpark or an amusement park or similar, these additional services
or products will represent a separate agreement between you and the owner of the holiday
home or the facilitator of the service/product.

Prior to the start of the tenant’s stay in the holiday home, the tenant will receive rental
documents containing travel directions and instructions on how to find the keys to the holiday
home. On the day of the booking of the holiday home the lead tenant must be at least
18 years old. For travelling parties consisting of youth groups, the tenant of the holiday
home must be 21 years old on the day the holiday home is booked.

The rental documents contain information of the time on which the holiday home is ready
for arrival. The key can usually be collected at a time later than that stated on the rental
documents as long as an agreement about later collection has been made in advance and
the tenant pays an agreed fee. The holiday home must always be vacated by no later than
10 a.m. on the day of departure. The key will only be handed out if the full rent has been
paid in accordance with the booking conditions and upon presentation of the original rental
voucher and a form of photo identification.

2.1 The size and use of the holiday home: Unless otherwise agreed with NOVASOL,
the holiday home may not be used for any purpose other than a holiday. The stated
square metres of the house have been calculated based on the outside measurements
of the base.

2.2 Number of guests: At any time, the holiday home and the property belonging to it
may be occupied by no more than the number of people stated in the brochure, on
our website and in the rental agreement. That number includes children regardless
of their age. The only exceptions are houses with the option of bringing one additional
child (less than 4 years old) without additional payment. This option should
be chosen at the time of booking and will also appear on the house information
(‘Overview and Facilities’ tab) which can be read on our website. If the house or the
property is being occupied by more people than the maximum number allowed, the
homeowner or NOVASOL shall be entitled to request the additional people to vacate
the holiday home without notice. If the tenant does not comply with this request
within 12 hours, the homeowner shall be entitled to terminate the rental agreement
with immediate effect and to oblige all occupants to vacate the holiday home without
further notice and with no refund. NOVASOL primarily acts as an intermediary
for owners to rent their holiday homes to families and couples. Youth groups, meaning
at least 6 persons who are primarily under 21 years of age, are naturally welcome
as well, but such groups must notify NOVASOL that they are a youth group at the
time of booking. NOVASOL or the homeowner shall be entitled to reject a group if
such notification is not made in good time before the start of the tenant’s stay in the
holiday home.

2.3 Tents and caravans: It is prohibited to pitch tents or have caravans or similar
structures on or by the holiday home property. The homeowner or NOVASOL shall
be entitled to demand these be removed immediately. If the tenant does not comply
with such instructions immediately, the homeowner shall be entitled to terminate
the rental agreement with immediate effect and to oblige all occupants to vacate the
holiday home without further notice and with no refund of the rent.

2.4 Pets and allergies: In some houses pets are not allowed. However, neither the
homeowner nor NOVASOL can guarantee that there have not been any pets in the
house on prior occasions or that the homeowner does not have pets. Neither the
homeowner nor NOVASOL assumes any responsibility for the tenant’s allergic reactions
as a result of pets having been in any of the holiday homes.

2.5 Noise: Occasionally tenants may unexpectedly experience noise from construction
sites, traffic etc. Neither the homeowner nor NOVASOL can be held accountable for
unexpected noise.

2.6 Internet: Internet connection/broadband is offered in several different ways, for example
via cable, wifi etc. Internet is an extra service which the homeowner supplies
and because of the challenges that can be presented by inadequate coverage in the
area where the holiday home is located and variable data volumes and speed,
NOVASOL and the homeowner cannot be held responsible for a bad signal, overloaded
antenna, cable problems or other issues with coverage. Internet access may only
be used by adults and use of the internet shall be in accordance with relevant laws.

2.7 Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in the holiday home unless otherwise specifically
stated. This does not however mean that there has never been any smoking in
the holiday home.

2.8 Boats: If the homeowner places a boat at the tenant’s disposal for free, the tenant,
being the borrower, shall be responsible for the use of the boat, and the tenant shall
also bear the responsibility that all equipment required by law is present during
use of the boat. Agreements regarding the renting of the boat and/or powerboat
from the homeowner or any third party are entered into solely by the tenant, and
the provider of the boat and NOVASOL bears no responsibility. If the use of the boat
requires a statutory licence, maritime licence or similar, the tenant shall be responsible
for obtaining such licence and for presenting it if so requested. All people who
use the boat shall wear fitted life jackets. The tenant shall be responsible to ensure
that everybody uses the life jackets, and neither the homeowner nor NOVASOL shall
be obligated to place life jackets at the tenant’s disposal. The tenant can therefore
not be certain that the holiday home contains life jackets for all users. Children
under the age of 16 may only use the boat in the company of an adult. For safety
reasons, the tenant shall follow any instructions from the homeowner or NOVASOL
regarding the use of the boat. Following every use of the boat, the tenant shall leave
the boat in a responsible manner and above the limit for high tides. Neither the
homeowner nor NOVASOL can be held liable for accidents, damage or injuries relating
to the use of the boat.

2.9 Swimming pools: For safety reasons, the tenant shall follow any instructions from
the homeowner or NOVASOL relating to the use of a swimming pool if the holiday
home includes one. The tenant shall be responsible for any use of the swimming
pool. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed around the pool area or in the pool
itself without the supervision of an adult.
2.10 Stationary houseboats: The tenant shall comply with applicable national regulations
and local, individual rules which apply to the area where the houseboat is
located, as failure to comply can be a criminal offence. The tenant is obligated to
acquaint themselves with the applicable rules and regulations upon arrival at the
houseboat, for example with regard to the disposal of rubbish, pumping of marine
toilets or emptying of septic tanks, the setting off of fireworks, the use of open
flames and the use of barbeque grills, fishing, use of water-skis, windsurfers, jet
skis or similar, swimming, diving etc. Further information will be available on the

3. deleted

NOVASOL shall be entitled to increase the rent proportionately in case of increased taxes. If
requested by the tenant, NOVASOL must provide evidence of such increase in price.
In the event that there is a change in currency in the country where the holiday home is
located, or if there is a change in the currency used by NOVASOL for invoices in relation
to the holiday home as compared to the currency which is stated in the catalogue, on the
internet and/or the pricelist as applicable to the tenant’s payment for the holiday home, the
rent can be raised, at any time after the agreement for the rental is entered into and before
the tenant’s stay in the holiday home, by the same percent as the applicable currency has
risen by since the catalogue and/or the pricelist was printed.
This circumstance does not give the tenant the right to cancel the booking.

When the tenant reserves a holiday home through NOVASOL, the tenant shall automatically
be covered by NOVASOL’s Security Package.
With the Security Package, NOVASOL seeks to offer the tenant the best possible security.
The following conditions shall apply to the cancellation protection product:

5.1.1 The cancellation protection shall apply in those cases where the tenant’s stay in
the rented holiday home is made impossible or difficult to a significant degree:
a. Because the persons stated when entering into the rental agreement or their
spouses, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, children-in-law
or parents-in-law pass away or contract an acute illness or serious injury requiring
hospitalisation, bed rest prescribed by the doctor or anything of a similar
character. Acute illness is a newly acquired illness (since the time of booking), a
substantiated suspicion of a newly acquired and serious illness or an unexpected
impairment of an existing illness or a chronic disease.
b. Because immediately before the start of the tenant’s stay in the holiday home,
significant damage has been inflicted on the tenant’s private home due to fire or
burglary, or an illegal strike has taken place at a business owned by the tenant.

5.1.2 The cancellation protection product shall depend on the following conditions:
a. The tenant shall inform NOVASOL of the illness no later than 24 hours after the occurrence
of the illness, either in writing or by telephone, and NOVASOL must have
been notified of the cancellation no later than at noon on the day of arrival stated
in the rental agreement.
b. NOVASOL shall receive proof of the incident warranting cancellation, i.e. a doctor’s
statement, death certificate or police report, no later than 3 days (72 hours) from
the time of notification. The fee for issuing any certificates, reports or statements
shall be paid by the tenant.

5.1.3 The tenant shall be protected from the time of the booking until the tenant’s arrival
to the holiday home. There is no cover after the commencement of the rental period,
nor are early departures included.

5.1.4 In the case of a successful claim, the full rental amount, less a EUR 75 administration
fee shall be refunded to the tenant.

5.1.5 Other costs which might occur in relation to a relevant event shall not be reimbursed
by NOVASOL pursuant to the cancellation protection product. It is recommended
that the tenant gets in contact with his or her travel agency or insurance company
regarding obtaining relevant insurance.
Any questions relating to the cancellation protection product shall be directed to
The following shall apply to NOVASOL’s No Risk Guarantee in case of unemployment or a
new job with a new employer:

5.2.1 In order for the No Risk Guarantee to be applicable, the following conditions shall
a. The tenant is affected by involuntary unemployment; or
b. The tenant has no possibility of going through with the holiday in the period
booked due to a new job with a new employer.

5.2.2 The No Risk guarantee shall only apply if NOVASOL receives documentation of the
relevant event, see clauses 5.2.1.a and b, no later than 8 days before the commencement
of the rental period.

5.2.3 If the No-Risk guarantee becomes effective, the tenant may choose:
a. To transfer the rental agreement to a third party with no additional costs; or
b. To cancel the booking and receive a full refund of the rental amount against payment
of an administration fee of EUR 75.

5.2.4 If the homeowner cannot put the holiday home at the tenant’s disposal as agreed
due to insolvency, NOVASOL’s No Risk Guarantee shall automatically become effective
and in such cases, wherever possible NOVASOL will offer an alternative holiday
home to the tenant.

5.2.5 If the alternative house that is being offered to the tenant is cheaper, the tenant will
have the difference in the price refunded.

5.2.6 The No Risk Guarantee cannot be claimed in the event of force majeure.
The following shall apply to NOVASOL’s Money Back Guarantee:

5.3.1 The Money Back Guarantee shall only apply to holiday homes with an indoor swimming
pool. The money shall only be paid in those cases where the holiday home has
such serious defects which cannot be remedied immediately, that the usage of the
holiday home is reduced by a significant degree, e.g. because the swimming pool
cannot be used or the heating system in the holiday home is out of order.

5.3.2 The following conditions shall apply in order to make the Money Back Guarantee
a. The tenant shall complain immediately during the stay in the holiday home;
b. NOVASOL has not been able to remedy the defect within 24 hours after the tenant
complained; and
c. Such defects cannot be attributed to the tenant.

5.3.3 The Money Back Guarantee shall apply from the day on which NOVASOL receives
the complaint and for the rest of the rental period.

5.3.4 If the Money Back Guarantee becomes effective, the tenant may choose:
a. To vacate the holiday home and receive a proportionate share of the rent refunded,
equalling the remaining days of the rental period; or
b. To be offered a replacement house for the remainder of the rental period. If the
replacement house that is being put at the tenant’s disposal is cheaper, the tenant
will have the difference in the rental price refunded. The difference is estimated
proportionately in line with the remaining part of the rental period.

5.3.5 If the Money Back Guarantee becomes effective, the tenant shall not pay for the final
cleaning when vacating the original holiday home.

5.3.6 The Money Back Guarantee may not be asserted in case of force majeure.

5.4.1 delated

5.4.2 delated

5.4.3 delated

6. delated

7.1 Energy and water: In holiday homes where the energy and water consumption is
not included in the rental amount (see the symbols by each house description), and
where there is no coin machine, a predefined amount per person that the house
is rented to will be fixed or a water and electricity form will be given to the tenant
together with the key. Alternatively, the form will be placed at a visible place in the
holiday home. The meter reading shall be written on that form immediately after
the start of the tenancy for all forms of consumption that will be used, whether it
is water, electricity, heating, gas or any other consumption. The electricity meter
does not show decimals, i.e. the meter shows whole kWh. Any red figures are also
whole kWh. After the end of the tenancy, the tenant, the homeowner or NOVASOL’s
employees will read the electricity meter again, and this reading shall form the basis
for settling the energy consumption. The tenant shall pay for energy consumption
during the whole of tenancy, even if the tenant has not used the holiday home during
the whole tenancy. In the period 1 November – 31 March, the holiday home will be
preheated to approx. 15 degrees if the holiday home has been reserved no later than
three days before the commencement of the rental period. In the period 1 November
– 31 March, the tenant’s or the home owner´s readings shall apply, while NOVASOL’s
readings shall apply in the period 31 March – 31 October. Indoor swimming pools
that are available in the rented week are heated.
This is an inherent part of the high standards of these houses. Additional expenses
(electricity, oil) for the heating of the swimming pool are therefore to be expected;
the price varies depending on the time of year, the water temperature and the size
of the swimming pool. The water temperature is approx. 24°C on arrival (however,
this does not apply to bookings made less than 3 days before arrival). Outdoor
swimming pools cannot be expected to be heated and may not be used all year. For
further information, see “Worth Knowing” in the brochure or on our website.

7.2 Telephone: Use of the telephone, if any, will also be settled on departure. The
amount will be settled together with any energy costs.

According to the homeowner’s wishes, amounts due under the rental agreement shall, in
certain cases, also include a payment on account for the consumption costs and in certain
cases also a deposit. The consumption costs and the deposit shall be charged along with
the rent or shall be payable in cash when the tenant picks up the key. The payment on
account of the consumption costs serves to secure the costs for energy consumption,
telephone etc. The deposit serves as security for the homeowner in case of any damage to
the rented premises or the lack of or an insufficient final cleaning. If a deposit is charged,
the size of the deposit depends on, amongst others, the size of the holiday home, its amenities
and equipment, the duration of the rental period and the purpose for which the holiday
home is being rented.
If the tenant has entered into an agreement for the rental of additional equipment, e.g. a
boat with an engine, directly with the homeowner and beyond the agreement which has
been entered into with NOVASOL as the intermediary, the tenant may be charged an additional
The size of the payment on account for the consumption costs and the deposit is stated on
the rental agreement, in the brochure and/or on our website. Settlement of the payment on
account for the consumption costs and the deposit shall occur no later than three weeks after
the tenant’s departure from the holiday home. Any damage and/or shortfall of a final cleaning
plus a management fee will be deducted before repayment of the deposit. If the value of the
above total exceeds the amount of the deposit or if the consumption costs are higher than the
amounts invoiced on account, the tenant will be invoiced the additional amount.
In case of a youth group, see 2.2, or in case of a rental period of the holiday home for more
than 14 days or in case the holiday home is being rented for a purpose other than a holiday,
NOVASOL on behalf of the homeowner, the homeowner or their representative shall be
entitled to charge an increased deposit of up to EUR 475 per number of beds which the
holiday home has available, and payment may be charged for one or more final cleanings,
depending on the duration of the rental period.

The tenant shall leave the house tidy and thoroughly cleaned. The tenant shall be particularly
aware of cleaning the refrigerator, freezer, stove, oven, grill, and sanitary installations.
The holiday home shall always be vacated in a condition in which the tenant would like to
receive it. A final cleaning can normally be ordered from NOVASOL or the homeowner on
payment of a fee. Because of the responsibilities towards the homeowner, the tenant shall
not be allowed to let any third party do the cleaning. The costs for the lack of or for an insufficient
final cleaning or if the holiday home is left in a disorderly state, shall be invoiced
to the tenant. If the final cleaning is included in the rental price or the tenant has ordered
final cleaning, this will not exempt the tenant from the obligation to do the dishes, empty
the refrigerator, clean the oven and the outdoor grill and tidy up in and around the holiday
home before departure. In case of a youth group, see clause 2.2, or where the holiday home
is being rented for a purpose other than a holiday the homeowner or its representative shall
be entitled to require the tenant to pay for a compulsory final cleaning, and in case of a
rental period of more than 21 days, the homeowner or its representative shall be entitled to
require the tenant to pay for a compulsory cleaning after 14 days and each week after that.

The tenant shall treat the rented premises in a responsible manner, and the tenant must
return the rented premises in the same condition as they were received. The tenant shall be
liable to the homeowner for any damage to the holiday home and/or its inventory/furniture/
appliances or facilities inflicted during the rental period by the tenant or others who were
given access to the rented holiday home by the tenant. If the tenant is responsible for minor
small claims, NOVASOL shall cover up to EUR 135 per rental period on condition that the
tenant completes the claim report available in the holiday home or on back on the electricity
form and on condition that the tenant has not paid a deposit, in which case NOVASOL
does not cover the claim. Damage to the holiday home and/or its inventory made during
the rental period must be reported to NOVASOL, the homeowner or its representative immediately.
Any claim by the homeowner in respect of damage done during the rental period,
whether such damage has been reported by the tenant or whether it has been otherwise
ascertained, will be made within 3 weeks from the end of the rental period, unless the tenant
has acted negligently.
Between each rental period, the homeowner and/or NOVASOL will conduct a review during
which any defect or damage to the holiday home and/or its inventory and also any lack of or
insufficient cleaning will be established.

If the tenant, when taking over the holiday home, observes insufficient cleaning, damage to
or defects of the holiday home, the tenant should file a complaint immediately as the holiday
home will otherwise be considered handed over to the tenant without problems and the
tenant will lose the right to make a complaint about the problem. Complaints regarding the
cleaning should be reported immediately. Complaints regarding damage or defects should
also be reported as soon as possible and no later than 72 hours from the commencement
of the rental period or from the finding of the defect or damage. Complaints should be
made to the homeowner, its representative or NOVASOL’s local office. When contacting
NOVASOL outside its normal business hours, the hotline numb(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) may be
used for assistance. The tenant should ensure he obtains the name of the NOVASOL employee
handling the complaint. Emails may not be used for complaints during the stay. The
tenant shall endeavour to avoid worsening any damage, defect or fault and shall contribute
to keeping any loss as small as possible for the homeowner and for NOVASOL. In case of
a complaint, the tenant shall grant NOVASOL a reasonable time limit to remedy or repair
any defect or damage. Early departure from the holiday home before the end of the rental
period without prior agreement of NOVASOL shall be at the tenant’s own expense and risk.
The tenant risks not being able to terminate the rental agreement and also risks losing the
right for compensation or a price reduction if the tenant makes it impossible for NOVASOL
to remedy or repair any damage or to offer a relocation to a different holiday home.
NOVASOL reserves the right to remedy any complaint by relocating the tenant to a different
holiday home of a similar price and quality where possible. This decision shall be made at
NOVASOL’s discretion. If, in the tenant’s opinion, the complaint reported does not lead to a
satisfactory solution during the rental period, the complaint should be forwarded in writing
to NOVASOL to review and investigate further no later than 28 days after the end of the
rental period.
Written complaints shall be directed to:
NOVASOL AS, attn: Customer Care, Virumgårdsvej 27, DK-2830 Virum, or via email to
kundeservice(a)(URL HIDDEN) NOVASOL will at all times seek to fulfil any specific wishes
but it cannot guarantee that special requests will be honoured.
Any liability for damages shall only include direct, financial damage. Neither NOVASOL nor
the homeowner can be made liable for any indirect damage (consequential damage) or any
damage of a non-financial character (non-pecuniary loss).

NOVASOL is the intermediary for the renting of holiday homes and is not the owner of
these. All contractual and legal responsibilities and obligations shall therefore rest with the
homeowner alone. NOVASOL shall safeguard the homeowner’s interests in connection with
the completion of the booking. If, contrary to NOVASOL’s expectations, a booking cannot be
completed due to reasons beyond NOVASOL’s control, e.g. due to sale by order of the court
or due to the homeowner’s breach of contract or similar, NOVASOL shall be entitled to cancel
the booking, and the rent which has already been paid by the tenant shall be refunded by
NOVASOL immediately. However, as an alternative and at NOVASOL’s own
discretion, NOVASOL is entitled to offer the tenant another similar holiday home in the
same area and at the same price.

In case of disagreement, the case shall be brought in the jurisdiction area, where the
holiday home is located and shall be resolved according to Danish law, which is agreed
between the parties.

14.1 If the completion of the tenancy is made impossible or difficult to a significant
degree due to events/force majeure, e.g. war, natural disasters, pollution disasters,
drought, other extraordinary weather conditions, epidemics, the closing of borders,
traffic conditions, the interruption of currency trading, strikes, lockouts and similar
force majeure which were not foreseeable at the time when the rental agreement
was entered into, NOVASOL and the homeowner shall be entitled to cancel the rental
agreement as neither the homeowner nor NOVASOL can be held liable in the above
cases. In the case of force majeure, NOVASOL shall be entitled to retain all amounts
paid to NOVASOL by the tenant.

14.2 Neither the homeowner nor NOVASOL can be held liable for changes to circumstances
which are not concerned with the holiday home itself, just as the homeowner
and NOVASOL cannot be held liable for loss of enjoyment during the holiday
stay as a result of, for example, roadworks or construction work near the holiday
home, closure of shops and so on – including changed opening times, changes to
the opportunities to go swimming – including a prohibition on swimming , loss of
fishing rights, weather conditions – including floods, forest fires, water shortage
and other similar circumstances.

14.3 Neither the homeowner nor NOVASOL can be held liable for cases of insect infestattion
in the holiday home or on the property, nor for theft, damage to or similar
circumstances relating to the tenant’s property.

15.1 In the event of any conflict with these booking conditions and any other written
agreement made between the tenant and NOVASOL, these booking conditions shall

15.2 The holiday homes are subject to availability.

15.3 NOVASOL is not liable for any picture and printing errors.

15.4 NOVASOL has communicated all information in the brochure and on our website as
accurately as possible. As the holiday homes are privately owned, changes might
occur in the information given. NOVASOL shall not be responsible for such changes.

15.5 NOVASOL’s brochures shall apply to all rental periods with the arrival date in the
period (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) Bookings of a holiday home based on NOVASOL’s current brochure or website conditions
for a period which begins aft(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) shall be on the basis of the next
years’ conditions which will be available by January 2019. NOVASOL reserves the
right to amend its booking conditions from time to time and any amended booking
conditions will be published on the website.

15.7 Any business use of our brochures or websites, including any reproduction in whole
or in part, is prohibited under the current legislation.

15.8 We recommend reading the “Worth Knowing” section on our website as this forms
part of the rental agreement.

© Copyright June 2017
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