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Adventure along Paraná River and Delta

Adventure along Paraná River and Delta

Duration:8 uur in totaal
Includes:Eten, Drankjes, Uitrusting en Vervoer
Languages:Aangeboden in het Engels en Spaans

Over je host

I have been a rower since I was young. Two years ago, I started another life stage focused on sharing the experience and knowledge I accumulated about the region and the people of the Paraná Delta while I studied, worked, and rowed in the area. Later I started taking friends and friends of friends; lately foreigners interested in knowing the area, not through sight-seeing it, but from within,…

Wat we gaan doen

We'll cruise in a wooden motor boat while we will drink mate and eat chipa, looking at different kinds of housing, docks, fences, natural and man-made landscapes. On the middle of our 2,5 hours journey we will suddenly go across, over and back, the Paraná River (1200 meters wide) maybe aside huge oceanic ships. I'm sure you will never forget this Paraná de las Palmas cruise (J.L. Borges used to…

Wat je nog meer moet weten

Mosquitoes: we'll find them, ranging from 0 to 100 %. Any questions about it, please ask. Welcome vegans, gluten-free food, please ask for it in advance. Group reservations, w/ sound discounts! ask

Wat ik aanbied

Comida. Lunch+ Nuts. When two or more persons: Home made meal at a house on the riverside. If only one person: Home-made sandwiches or empanadas (vegetables, meat or chicken) at a local grocery store on the river-side. Glass of beer, water or soda. Dried nuts in order to replenish energy reserves
Bier, Frisdranken, Water en Anders
Cerveza, Refrescos, Agua y Otro For lunch, a glass of water, soda or beer. On the boat, Mate amargo. You may have the surprise with my mate preparation which diminishes the acidity of plain mate amargo (bitter) and turns it agreable for foreigners not used to strong flavor teas.
Motor boat tickets. Transportation on classical wooden vessels that are the basic mean of mobility for locals is included. A map of the Lower Paraná Delta showing the area we´ll explore.
Special needs. Whatever special needs you may have (vegetarian, vegan, TACC) please tell me in advance, you are welcome, please ask for them as soon as possible.

Wat je mee moet nemen

Come with a good shoes: very preferable, front and rear strap flat nautical sandals. For cold weather, waterproof booots
Bring sun block, a light rain-proof jacket, a medium/big water bottle, hat or cap. Please come with your medical aid identification

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Waar je zult zijn

We´ll cruise aboard a classical wooden motorboat along various rivers of the Lower Paraná Delta, watching islander life. Suddenly, after getting used to this calm and cozy environment, the boat will go across the huge Paraná de las Palmas river, 1,2 K wide. Then, we´ll navigate the Paraná river and smaller rivers until we´ll hop off the boat on an island. After walking through various islands we´ll arrive to a restaurant on a beatiful riverside

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wo. 24 juli    Van 08:30 tot 16:30.
€104 per persoon
4 van de 4 plekken beschikbaar

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Meer tips

Mosquitoes: we'll find them, ranging from 0 to 100 %. Any questions about it, please ask. Welcome vegans, gluten-free food, please ask for it in advance. Group reservations, w/ sound discounts! ask
Adventure along Paraná River and Delta
4 recensies
Vanaf €104/persoon
4 recensies
Vanaf €104/persoon